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Inspire your child’s passion for coding, robotics and tech!

Robotics-and-codingCoding & Robots

Students learn the fundamentals of coding and Computer Science. Coding helps kids develop their creativity, analytical thinking and problem solving abilities — essential skills for school and future career success.

Designed to be suitable for their age range, classes allow kids to learn through guided play in an exploratory and collaborative environment, using activities on and off the computer.

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Video-Game Design

Combining video, music, gaming and computer programming, this course will take students on an action-packed journey in the world of video game design. They will learn to code and design a video game.By the end of the course, students will have completed several levels of their own game to play and show off.

Students will develop familiarity with concepts in entrepreneurship and gain an understanding of how to introduce video games to the market. This exciting class provides students with experience in both the technical skills of computer programming and with the creative skills necessary to make a successful video game.

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javalogoJava Programming

Java is a one of the top computer programming languages used by software developers around the world.

It is an object-orientated language used to create many common applications and software, such as Android phone apps, website applications, and computer software. Java is a great programming language to learn because it is commonly used in business commercial systems and phone apps like Facebook, and Angry Birds.

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Python Programming

Python is a powerful, expressive programming language that is used by software developers around the world.  It has many practical applications and is used by popular websites like Dropbox & YouTube.  Python is a great choice as a first programming language because it is a user-friendly language that is fun to use.

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Private Instruction

Ages 6+

Does your child have a budding interest in computer science, or love to play video games or watch movies?
Does your child have an idea for an app or video game? Whatever the motivation or interest, our instructors will work individually with your child to create a customized program that will engage, inspire and educate your child. Through a series of one-on-one sessions, your child will be guided to meet his or her goals.

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