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Coding for Treasure inspires students to be innovators and creators, and gives them the skills and confidence to build anything they can imagine – video games, apps, digital movies, robots and more!

We offer courses in computer science, robotics & digital technology for kids ages 4 – 12, and teen courses for ages 13 – 15.

Our approach to tech education is rooted in experience in real world start-ups.  We understand that rote memorization and technical skills are not enough to prepare students to be tomorrow’s technology leaders, start-up founders and CEOs.

Technical competence must be combined with passion for technology, creativity and collaborative skills.

At Coding for Treasure, we aim to cultivate these qualities in students of all ages.  All our classes combine first-rate technical education with real-world skills and team-based problem solving.  Most important, our classes are fun and high energy, which gets students genuinely excited about computer science and technology.