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Our vision

Kid peaks through painted hands

How can you thrive in a world where technology is the language of communication and creativity?

At Coding for Treasure, we see computer science education as an essential skill all students need in order to make a make a difference in any field they choose to pursue.

Our goal is to cultivate in our students technical skills in computer science using an approach devised to inspire excitement and passion, instead of monotony.

We teach coding & tech subjects in dynamic, action-packed classes where students work in teams and solve problems through open-ended exploration.

Our students are: Creative Problems Solvers, Critical Thinkers, Team Players & Tech Savvy.


We offer courses for kids ages 4 – 12, and teen courses for ages 13 – 15

Ages 4 – 6: Coding and Robots; Moviemaking

Ages 6 – 8: Coding and Robots; Moviemaking

Ages 9 – 12: Python Coding; Video Game Design; Lego Mindstorms Robotics

Ages 13 – 15: Python Coding; Video Game Design;

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