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The Foos – Fun computer programming app

The Foos is a wonderful, imaginative app that teaches computer programming & video game design in fun, inclusive way. It is developed by codeSpark and conveniently available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, even your web browser & the Mac App store – it should be accessible to anyone with access to a device and an […]

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Kids playing on ipad

Screen Time, a Parent’s Dilemma

A CFT parent was recently talking to me about her dilemma over screen time for her son, along with other concerns around over-scheduling and too much structured instruction. Her concerns struck a cord with me on many levels. As a parent myself I have similar considerations. In my experience, we parents want the best for […]

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Woman whiteboarding

White-boarding: How tech leaders use it and how to teach your child

What is white-boarding? Is just drawing out ideas on a white board using erasable markers. Simple as that. Why whiteboard? Tech innovators use white-boarding for ideation, illustrating complex ideas, flow diagrams or architecture. Its a powerful tool in its simplicity and allows concepts to be fluidly documented and changed on the fly. Someone who is great […]

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Kids drawing

How to Help Your Child Develop Prototypes

Did you know major tech companies like Android do a lot of thier early product development work drawing up ideas on paper and with erasable makers on white boards? Seems counter-intuitive that the most advanced technology companies are using techniques that are as old as time to think through big ideas. But its true! Early prototyping using […]

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Robot Turtles board game

Robot Turtles

I supported Robot Turtles in the early days on Kickstarter. This was truly the beginning of my love affair with tech learning toys for kids. The game teaches basic programming concepts starting very simply and building as the kids “level up”. It is wonderful because it makes coding accessible to kids as young as 3 […]

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Coding for treasure pirates

What is programming?

If you are a parent trying to explain computer programming to your preschooler or elementary age child, you may think the topic is beyond their grasp. The truth is the concept can be quite simple. Programming is defined as the act of developing instructions to tell a computer to do a certain task. To illustrate this […]

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My first web page

If you are a parent with no coding experienc trying to support your kids interest in coding, the idea of writing code can be intimidating at first. I’m here to tell you it can be as simple as typing your name. Don’t believe me? Give this quick exercise a try. You & your little coder will […]

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