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We offer both Group Classes & Private Instruction!

Group Classes

Kids playing on ipad

In group classes, each student in the class learns a subject together, providing more opportunities for group activities, collaborative learning and lectures on more complex topics.

  • Fun, interactive classes
  • Features group activity and collaboration 
  • Great for introduction and foundation courses




Private Instruction


 Ages 6+

Does your child have a budding interest in computer science, or love to play video games or watch movies?
Does your child have an idea for an app or video game? Whatever the motivation or interest, our instructors will work individually with your child to create a customized program that will engage, inspire and educate your child. Through a series of one-on-one sessions, your child will be guided to meet his or her goals.





Registration Fee:  $65 one time fee for new students
Group Classes:   $130/month for one class a week.
PrivateInstruction: Upon request


Classes we offer in Group Classes & Private Instruction:

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