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Video Game Design

Ages 5-8 & 9 – 12

Combining video, music, gaming and computer programming, this course will take students on an action-packed journey in the world of video game design. They will learn to code and design a video game. They will also learn to add sound effects, compose music and create graphics.  Students will develop familiarity with concepts in entrepreneurship and gain an understanding of how to introduce video games to the market. This exciting class provides students with experience in both the technical skills of computer programming and with the creative skills necessary to make a successful video game.  By the end of the course, students will have completed several levels of their own game to play and show off.

After completing the introductory Video Game Design course, students may enroll in intermediate and advanced level Video Game Design courses, where students build increasingly more sophisticated and complex games and master greater technical skills.

Video Game Design for Ages 5 – 8 introduces students to a whole new world of computer science in Video Games. They will learn to the basics of coding, game implementation and critical thinking in order to create their own game!

Video Game Design for Ages 9 – 12 introduces students to the concepts and skills needed to create their own video game!  They will learn to interface and controls needed to implement their game and get an introduction to the math & physics needed to build a gaming environment.