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Jan-June ’17 Classes

Classes will be from January 9th 2017 to June 3rd 2017

We offer both Group Classes & Learning Path Classes!

Group Classes

Kids playing on ipad

In group classes, each student in the class learns a subject together, providing more opportunities for group activities, collaborative learning and lectures on more complex topics.

  • Fun, interactive classes
  • Features group activity and collaboration 
  • Great for introduction and foundation courses




Learning Path Classes


You can join our Learning Path at any time.  In Learning Path classes, students receive individualized instruction in a group setting.  Each student follows his or her own curriculum, and students advances at their own pace.

Kids still benefit from the group setting; the Learning Path includes interactive lessons and activities that complement each individual curriculum.



Please note that some Learning Path topics have prerequisites, that can be fulfilled either as Group Classes or Private Lessons.

  • Individualized instruction in a group setting                                            
  • Kids advance at their own pace – there’s no limit to how far they can go.
  • Parents have full visibility into curriculum and child’s progress.
  • Flexible scheduling.  
  • Kids choose a subject to focus on, and work toward mastery.


Group Classes:   $130/month for one class a week.
Learning Path:  $130/month for one class a week.
Registration Fee:  $65 one time fee for new students


Classes we offer in Learning Path & Group Classes:

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