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Ozobots DualPack Contents

Ozobots DualPack Contents

We just got our first Ozobots in at the lab and our little coders had a blast taking them for a spin (literally). The great thing about these bots is that they work right out of the box with basically no set up. They come with a little track, you turn the little guy on and off it goes.The concept for this bot is it responds to a visual programming language made up of different colored lines, as well as dots and dashes. The bot easily follows a thick black, blue, green or red line, either on its pre-made map or drawn by hand on a white board or even piece of paper. The bots behavior changes based on line color or combos of different colored dots. This is a simple way to introduce even young kids to the concept of coding as it requires no reading or writing ability.

Here is a guide to the Ozobot Color language.

There are also a few of free apps available for the Ozobot. We gave them a try but honestly didn’t have any luck. It was immediately intuitive why our Ozobot wasn’t responding to the app as easily as it had to the analog mazes. We will keep at it and let you know if we figure this one out!

Ozobots are available for purchase on Amazon.

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