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Robot Turtles board game

Robot Turtles

I supported Robot Turtles in the early days on Kickstarter. This was truly the beginning of my love affair with tech learning toys for kids. The game teaches basic programming concepts starting very simply and building as the kids “level up”. It is wonderful because it makes coding accessible to kids as young as 3 but increases in levels of complexity to challenge even older coders.

My daughter (5 years old at the time) loves the game and quickly became engrossed in taking on the challenges to move to the next level. It taught her how to lay out a program from left to right, top to bottom in a sequence similar to how a program would be constructed on the computer. In the advanced mode kids are even introduced to the concept of a function via the function frog! It is fun to play with just one child and a parent or up to 4 kids and a parent.

The art is quite appealing and I love that it is accessible to both genders and is not apparently specifically designed with boys in mind as a lot of tech toys tend to be. Another great thing about it is the price point. Tech toys tend to be expensive so if you are on a budget, as many of us are, but still want to expose your pre-schooler or elementary age child to coding this is a wonderful option.

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