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Tech Grrrls

Tech Grrrls is a program to promote girls in tech.

Tech Grrrls is offered as a free program to benefit girls tech education. In addition to community programming we offer need-based scholarships for girls to participate in classes, camps & workshops.

Girl with LaptopBecome a Tech Grrrl

Tech Grrrls are kids age 4 and up who are interested in technology and looking for a community to share their enthusiasm or explore a new interest. You may have tech skills to share with other girls or be a newbie who wants to learn and make connections.

Becoming a Tech Grrrl is simple!

Local Grrrls (San Marino, CA area): Attend a Tech Grrrl event, the are held Friday evenings once a month

Upcoming Events: Coding Party – All Ages
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Remote Grrrls (anywhere on planet earth): Ask your parents to help you submit a question to one of our Tech Grrrls Mentors. We’ll find the right expert to respond and we’ll post the best questions on our site. Just email us at info@codingfortreasure

Why Tech Grrrls?

Our Tech Grrrls program is an opportunity for girls to come together to explore tech topics in a casual, fun setting.  During our events, girls will get to meet with inspiring entrepreneurs, coders, scientists, designers and more.   They will also get to meet and hang out with other girls interested in tech and science, and learn how to be creators and not just consumers of technology.

With the dismal statistics about the number of women in the tech industry, it is more important than ever to engage girls to be interested in tech at a young age and provide them with role models and mentors.

Tech Grrrls aims to inspire, empower and disrupt.

Become a Tech Grrrls Mentor

Are you a woman with a tech career or an entrepreneur who wants to give back and help inspire the next generation of girls in tech?

We believe mentorship and strong female role models will have the biggest impact on girls being able to envision themselves in leadership positions in the industries of the future.

What it takes to be Tech Grrrls Mentor:

  • Local mentors: Commit to attend at least 2 Tech Grrrls events every 6 months (they are Friday evenings once a month )
  • Remote mentors: provide a video talk to inspire girls with stories of your journey as a leader in tech (2 minutes or less) – we will post this to our site as well as social media
  • We will post your photo and bio to the Tech Grrrls page on our website to inspire girls far and wide (and spread the word on social media as well)
  • We field questions from girls nationwide and you provide answers (via email, moderated by us to manage the quantity & quality – a couple questions a month only) – we’ll post the Q&As to our website to inspire more girls

What are you waiting for!? Email us today to become a mentor: info@codingfortreasure